Engagement, networking and entertainment to boost your audience.

Our platform allows you to successfully plan, promote, and host your digital event. You can boost any action of your sponsors during the whole event by a compelling digital experience and offer much more than than just a logo.

One-of-a-Kind experiences:

CarbonZerø has a fully customizable virtual event platform that combines powerful 3D technology with robust marketing and interactive experience capabilities to create unique branded virtual events. Main Features: - Create standard or customized 3D interactive realistic venues; - Enjoy virtual presence with avatars with singleplayer or multiplayer options; - First or Third view perspectives. No download needed; - Create sustainable events with lower cost and carbon footprint.

Expand your possibilities

Hybrid and Standalone virtual events that include live and simulated live sessions, on-demand sessions, interactive exhibitor booths, interactive chat/voice options, and gamification. Full support, for attendees and show organizers, is included as well. Main Features: - Earn more from sponsorships with custom packages and perks like high-traffic exhibitor booths, speaking sessions, branding, and more; - Create a digital-twin of your event and expand your event capacity and results; - Promote your event with landing pages designed to drive registrations and ticket sales.

Interact and engage like never before

Considering our easy-to-use features and platform possibilities you’ll get access to standard engagement features that includes industry-unique sponsorship options to assist in the monetization of your events. Main Features: - Enable ongoing discussion between attendees or with speakers through chat rooms, live discussions, and video calls; - Make your event more interactive with polls, quizzes, Q&As, and more to drive audience engagement and satisfaction; - Get valuable insights on your event performance with downloadable metrics across attendance, engagement, ticket sales, and comments.